Bryn Lucas 2017

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'We have been using Bryn’s services for

quite a few years now – for presenter

roles, voiceover work and driver

interviewing for our various motosports



Bryn goes to great lengths to ensure that you always get the perfect ‘take’,  has a great rapport with both interviewees and end clients alike, and has proven time and time again how he can be relied upon, even when time is tight.


In short, he is our “go to guy” for any project that calls for a professional end result!'


David Coleman

Zeon TV

'Bryn hosted our newly introduced Tech Talk stage, he did a wonderful  job and was a key element in the improvement of the 2nd year of the feature. Not only by keeping the audience engaged but he was also very proactive in the lead up to the show; making suggestions for possible topics and speakers for the sessions which shows his knowledge in motorsport.


In addition, he conducted all the celebrity interviews and intros for our online and post show videos. Bryn demonstrated again great professionalism and passion for motorsport and his work; he had great rapport with all the drivers and worked really well with the film crew and our team. He definitely was a great asset to Autosport International and we will be delighted to work with him again.'


Susana Burguera

Marketing Manager

Autosport International

'An incredibly likable conference host, with charismatic personality and exceptional talent in getting across key product features, ensuring he knows and understands the content and asks all the right questions from Day one.


His ability to help craft the script to maximise the effectiveness of the messaging is no mean feat, particularly given our often tight deadlines and client revisions – nothing seems to faze him and he just gets on with the job.


Our client feedback is always positive, and his stage presence and audience engagement ensures that our shows are a great success.'


Dianne Maginnis

Managing Director


'Media 10’s vast portfolio of live events give us the opportunity to work with a number of different comperes and hosts.


Bryn has defined his role at a number of our leading shows, from presenting Catwalk shows at 100% Optical to hosting the live Super Theatre at the Ideal Home Show.


Using his unique humour and personality, Bryn manages to engage the audience unlike most, keeping them interested and engaged throughout each performance.'


Anthony Goodey

Show Manager

Media 10

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'I’ve known and worked with Bryn for something like 10 years and I can honestly say he’s one of the most professional presenters I’ve had the privilege to work with.


He’s always up for new challenges, is very adaptable, and having an acting background means he takes direction extremely well.  

Bryn has a terrific personality, a very positive approach to work, and often goes the extra mile to help get something completed.'


Mark Noades

Senior Production Producer

Netplay TV (Supercasino on Channel 5)